Company philosophy

BlackBox GPS believes strongly in the value of innovation, that the synergy present in the talents and strengths of our employees is ever inspiring, that our customers are good people who are trying to provide value to their communities and that we have a duty to practice sustainable and responsible business practices.Our goal is to encourage being conscious of our impact on our environment, consumers, employees, communities and stakeholders and finding ways to honor the people, planet and to make a profit for our investors in the process. We don't expect perfection, but we strive for it.
We promote diversity in our workforce and are proud to have talents from all over the globe on our team.

Company history

BlackBox GPS is a division of Embrace Telecom, Inc. that incorporated in 2008. We revived and improved on our signature brand name product line which was initially developed in 2003. We are dedicated to helping our customers "Embrace" our products and services that fill an unmet need to communicate, monitor and mind. We offer our products and services at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. Our company is currently headquartered in Southeast Florida in Riviera Beach, serving customers all across North America. Our founders gathered a team of creative innovators with proven success in mobile technology and whose focus is to deliver user-friendly asset tracking solutions, listen to our customers' needs and continue to innovate in the fast-paced world of GPS technology.