Integration platform

Integrate your ERP or CRM software with BlackBox GPS® award winning fleet tracking software. Manage your assets or get performance reports directly from within your software.

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Open standards based

OAuth2, JSON and XML are the standard for today's platform integrations. We have chosen them for your ease and convenience.

Easy to play with

Integrate your software with our tracking system yourself using your favourite programming language or hire us to do the work for you.


Stable and reliable. Access it from anywhere, anytime.

Free to use

Included at no extra cost with your GPS Fleet Manager PRO account

Are you a software developer?

You have a great idea for an end user application but you don't want to mess with all the required infrastructure to make it work?

Our platform aims to help in creating a new ecosystem for the fleet management industry easily and without all the effort that is required to keep the complete solution running all the time.

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